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NEOSTAR is a new way of buying and selling vehicles. Each vehicle has been carefully inspected and photographed by our experts and comes with a warranty. Simple and fair. Security and trust without being forced to buy

Unfortunately, we cannot accept your old photos because we think they might not be a relevant indicator of the current state of the vehicle, and since the goal of Neostar is to show the vehicle in a transparent and detailed way with all its flaws and virtues, it is necessary to take pictures in the 360° view that our Neoinspectors will take for you.

Vehicles that are not physically located in your dealership can be entered on the platform, but it can only be activated/advertised when they are physically in your location.

The payment process takes place safely through the secure transaction server and the buyer first reserves the vehicle, pays for the vehicle reservation, and then receives the information for the payment of the remaining amount. After paying the full amount, the vehicle must be prepared and delivered to the buyer, and after resolving the complete paperwork on the purchase and collection of the vehicle by the buyer, the financial sequence is the transfer of money to your account as a seller. Money is safe in the entire process because it is of great importance to us that both parties (buyer/seller) are insured.

After successfully completing the delivery of the vehicle, we immediately transfer the funds to your account. The duration of the money transfer depends on your bank. As a rule, funds paid on weekdays are visible no later than 24 hours after posting the payment, while in the case of weekends and holidays, the transaction is carried out on the first next working day.

The service history is not exclusively necessary for obtaining a warranty, several parameters are considered, from the general condition of the vehicle and vehicle information to the last service for which there must be a documented trace in the form of an actual invoice.

When educating you about using the platform and entering the vehicle, Neoambasador in charge of you will explain in detail the process of entering and photographing the vehicles you want to sell. Neoambasador will definitely be available to you for additional questions, and he will go through the process of entering and photographing several vehicles from stock with you to make it easier for you to enter them on your own later. We believe you'll do a great job!

You enter your customers' information solely for the creation of documentation (entering vehicles on/from stock or sales). The information you entered is available only to you.

The parameters you have entered into your user interface are available exclusively to you for facilitated use of the Neostar platform, but also to conduct the business as well as to issue the necessary documents when entering/selling vehicles.

Due to the full range of benefits starting from the warranty to the possibility of detailed inspection and later maintenance, it is in the interest of customers to purchase a verified and maintained vehicle with a warranty.

The commission is calculated only when the purchase is realized through the platform or providing a warranty on vehicles.

In the case of longer vehicle sales, the Neostar platform monitors customer habits and further suggests by e-mail about the price change or conditions when selling vehicles.

Do you own a car dealership or a workshop? If the answer is yes, then Neostar is the right place for you. In addition to selling your vehicles or services, we also offer a complete system for running your business for free. On top of that, for all your vehicles we will give the Neostar warranty, at no extra cost to you.
Sounds good? Let's go. Click on the Registration button and select Registration for contract users. Enter your email and we'll send you a confirmation link to continue entering your information. Once you have entered the information about you the legal entity, some of our employees will contact you and visit in person to present you Neostar possibilities and to sign a cooperation agreement.