Why register on NEOSTAR?

I want safe shopping.

NEOSTAR is a new way to buy a car. Each vehicle was inspected and photographed by our experts. No hidden damage, no unpleasant surprises.
Carefree shopping
NEOSTAR is a new way to buy a car. Apart from each vehicle coming with a warranty, all vehicles are inspected in detail and presented transparently - without hidden damages, without unpleasant surprises.
Fast online financing
Find a car, calculate the monthly installment that fits your needs and choose the method of financing - George with a cash loan from Erste Bank or lease with Erste Leasing
Simpler selling
NEOSTAR handles everything for you for free. We photograph the vehicle, perform an inspection and give a warranty to your future buyer. With the use of advanced technologies, your vehicle will be presented in the best light - from all angles!
Cheaper maintenance
Regular vehicle maintenance does not have to be an unpleasant surprise. Our service database gives you the ability to quickly select a service, compare prices for various service operations, and schedule the service online.