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NEOSTAR is a new way of buying and selling vehicles. Each vehicle has been carefully inspected and photographed by our experts and comes with a warranty. Simple and fair. Security and trust without being forced to buy

Once you've selected Registration, you get a registration page where you can choose whether you register as a natural person or a Contracting User. Choose to register as a natural person and how you want to register (via email, Facebook, or Gmail). At your e-mail address comes a registration link that you will confirm and enter your password and other necessary information. You're registered, go get your NEOSTAR experience!!!

After registering on our platform on the rightselect the BUY optionthen find a vehicle that meets your criteria and start the purchase process. 

When you choose a specific vehiclearrange the time that suits youwait for the owner of the vehicle to accept your appointment, and try the vehicle.

NEOSTAR is a new, simple, and safe way to buy a car. Find the vehicle you want on our site. We guarantee its correctness. Each vehicle was inspected by our experts, photographed from all angles with clearly stated damage. There are no hidden surprises.

Want a test drive? Choose a time when it suits you, inspect and try the vehicle. Enjoy the safety of your choice because each car comes with a NEOSTAR warranty! The decision has been made? Take advantage of the quick and secure online payment and buy the car you want.

*terms & conditions for returns are stated in the purchase contract.

Each vehicle on the NEOSTAR platform has been inspected by authorized NEOinsspectors or our contracting partners. The over 60-point inspection clearly shows the actual condition of the vehicle, including its driving behavior. In addition to examining the vehicle, documentation, and service history, each vehicle is photographed in 360º, documenting all damages, in order to show the real condition as closely as possible. For such vehicles inspected, we guarantee NEOSTAR with a warranty of 12 months or 6 months, depending on the age of the vehicle.

Rarely does any used vehicle come with a warranty? They all come to Neostar.

All vehicles that are no longer covered by the factory warranty are accompanied by a NEOSTAR  12 month / 10000 km or 6 months / 5000 km warranty, depending on the age of the vehicle. The NEOSTAR warranty applies to all permanently installed mechanical and electronic parts of a motor vehicle listed in the Checklist through the Initial Verification and Final Verification process, except for parts and functions on the vehicle that are designated as defective, in the manner and to the extent provided in the "General Conditions" NEOSTAR Warranty "and this" NEOSTAR Warranty Scope "

When you choose a vehicle, regardless of whether you have agreed on a price with the seller or clicked on "Buy Now", you will enter the process of vehicle reservation. To make a reservation, it is necessary to make an online deposit of HRK 349,00. By entering the required data and confirming the payment of HRK 349,00 (the amount of the reservation will be returned after the test drive in case you cancel the purchase), the vehicle will be reserved. The reservation is valid for 5 (five) days, or until the remaining amount is paid. You will receive a confirmation of the vehicle reservation in your profile.

After paying for the vehicle, you will receive a confirmation and a message to select the delivery time. Your desired date will be sent to the seller and NEOSTAR representative who will be present at the delivery. If they are unable to accept your appointment, they will suggest an alternative.

For most vehicles, you can. Vehicles on Neostar can be advertised with a fixed price or open to offer. The seller can accept your offer right away or make a counteroffer.