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Buy a car in 3 simple steps:

At NEOSTAR.COM you can easily and safely buy used cars. Search, check and buy a vehicle at NEOSTAR.COM

Search inspected vehicles.

Have a careful look at vehicles, and choose your perfect car.

Once the decision is made, you can relax because we will do the paperwork and provide a warranty for your new car.

Search inspected vehicles.

Do you have a specific make and model in mind? Is your budget limited? Do you prefer a diesel engine? Our search filter allows you to view only cars that meet your requirements according to specifications.

Once you've determined which car you want, you get specific cars listed by clicking the search button. The search results include general information on particular vehicles; by clicking on the ad, you can find all details about the car.

You can download Neostar App on every iOS and Android device.

Have a thorough look at the vehicles.

Each vehicle on the Neostar platform has been inspected in 60 points and photographed in 360° degrees by our experts.

The ad shows detailed information, specifications, equipment, service history, and vehicle warranty duration. You are familiar with who is selling the car and its location.

When you've found a car you are interested in, you can request a test drive and see the vehicle in person. You can also send an offer or make a reservation for the car - in just a few clicks.

By clicking on the yellow warning sign you can see the damage in detail.

By clicking on the blue circles, you can view the additional equipment in more detail.

Found a perfect car? Great, let's buy it!

Safe purchase

The first step is to make a reservation for the vehicle by paying the deposit of 49 € / 369,19 HRK , and your reservation will last up to 5 days - if you decide not to purchase a car within that period, you will receive a refund. If you choose to buy the car, you pay the rest of the amount and receive a confirmation and an option to select the delivery date. We will be present at the delivery and bring all the necessary paperwork.

Financing options

With the financing calculator, you can choose the preferred financing option and decide which suits your needs the best. When you select one of the financing options, you can reserve a vehicle for up to 10 days (instead of the usual 3-day span), ensuring that the car is waiting for you until the financing is approved. If you decide not to buy a vehicle, you will receive a full refund .

Warranty on all vehicles

After you purchase the vehicle, we will take care of its future because every car on NEOSTAR can be bought with a no excess, premium warranty. You will also consistently receive notifications about regular maintenance, tips on how to take care of your car, etc.

We've got you covered every step of the way.

Become a registered user and take advantage of additional benefits.

Registered users can reserve and buy a vehicle, send offers, request a test drive, and be the first ones to find out about new offers and promotions. Exclusive benefits, discounts, and more will be announced soon!