About us

Neostar is first and foremost a trust between those who buy and those who sell the car, and only then the first digital platform in Europe that connects the seller and the buyer.

Buying and selling cars has become much more frequent due to life circumstances and various needs; we no longer buy a car once or twice in a lifetime. Market research in Croatia showed that 81% of people had a problem selling and buying a used car. 68% think people don’t tell the truth when they sell a used car. 24% are afraid that they will be deceived, and only 49% bought a used car with a warranty.

There is a real love for cars in Neostar. We have nurtured this love for years, and we are idealists in this regard - that is why we say that the relationship in buying and selling used cars should be secure. We connect all people who want to sell or buy a car without complications and risks. We help you set a fair price for the car. We will inspect it, take 360° pictures, and display it on our platform for free. We will arrange the paperwork for future customers, provide a warranty, and find trusted service technicians. We provide a 6 to 12-month warranty to our future customers.

With the help of technology, truth ceases to be just a word and becomes a deed. The truth is the necessity to sell your car, that is, to have someone else buy it without complications and risks.

As of today, it’s okay to use the truth to sell your car. As of today, it’s okay to change your car when you really want it. It’s okay to feel security instead of fear, trust instead of doubt.

What are we bringing to the used car market?

As of today, it’s okay to use the truth to sell your car. As of today, it’s okay to change your car when you really want it. It’s okay to feel confidence instead of fear, trust instead of doubt.


Our team

Dimitrije Trbović

Experienced Executive Officer with a demonstrated history in the automotive industry who believes that quitting is never an option. He is passionate about the opportunities created through digital platforms and technology to simplify motor vehicles' exchange. He is literally preaching about the importance of switching to an online mode of work to everyone he meets. By being skilled in negotiation, marketing management, business planning, business development, and sales management, he recognizes that not all heroes wear capes. For that reason, Boss leads by example, showing his love and dedication to work and focusing on people within. He believes that progress comes when you are open to changes and invest in yourself. Once you quit learning, you experience a rapid fall. His dream car is Lamborghini Miura.

Denis Tepša

He was involved in the development and setting of the Neostar platform from the beginning. He was oriented on user experience and operational excellence with an agile method approach to work in the project. He is a school example of a COO that is focused, thorough, open to change, and loves enthusiasm. Before joining the platform, he spent the last 8 years in an executive position in a car dealership company. In his childhood, he spent most of his time playing with cars. For that reason, it is safe to say that he dedicated his life to cars. Some people say that they heard him recite some poems as well. He is a romantic soul, but for now, that is still only a legend. His dream car is a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.

Ivan Radoš

Ivan is programmed to develop software. Besides the fact that he is the leader of the IT team within Neostar, he is spreading his knowledge at Algebra University College. By constantly improving himself, he will soon hold a double Ph.D. He dedicated his life to code and personal development. Since his knowledge is inexhaustible, it is undeniable why he is such an important part of the Neostar family. The dream car for him would be Subaru Impreza.

Vladimir Baće

Vladimir is the marketing manager of the Neostar platform. By occupation, he is an electrical engineer and photographer. Still, also he is very creative and loves everything that has anything to do with cars. After years of working in creative production and advertising, he took on the challenge of being part of our startup. He is deeply involved in the creating and production of marketing materials. His dream car is Lotus Elise.

Goran Grubišić

He was born in 1972., while the best specimens of merlot and cabernet sauvignon were picked on the left and right river bank of Garrone. It is safe to say that it was a good year that impacted Goran`s aging process. Each year he is becoming better and better. Goran is proof of his life principle that says „la dolce vitta „ because his kindness and smile are something that he loves to share with others. For that reason, Goran is a perfect choice for our small team. His role is to establish and run a Customer care center with the help of Zendesk. While signing the contract, his biggest issue was the number of off days, so it is not surprising that his favorite car is Day off Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder from 1961.

Borna Grünbaum
Neogrowth Specialist

He spent nearly 4 years studying and working as a digital marketing freelancer in the UK and 12 months in Croatia. His last project in the UK was a startup platform similar to Neostar. He has been a true petrolhead since 8 years old when he wanted to become a BMW or Mercedes exterior designer. Today he is delighted by the startup culture, and his dream job is exactly this - to be a part of an online startup in the automotive industry. In his free time, he enjoys photography. His dream car is BMW M4 CS, but at the end of the day, anything from Ferrari!

Nikola Čubelić
Senior developer

Nikola is a software developer. He knows the Swift programming language better than Latin. He has got two daughters that he loves very much. For someone in his field of work, he is very active and spends lots of time outdoors. He plays badminton, football, and swims ( in work). He hates the most when people do not switch on the turn signal while leaving the roundabout. He is developing iOS and iPadOS apps with Xcode, Boop, Paw, iTerm, Atom, and a few more tools. His dream car is a Jaguar XJ6-87.Automobil snova: Jaguar XJ6 87.

Klara Lucianović
Junior developer

She is a big dog lover. Long walks with her 4-legged princesses and coffee with friends is what she enjoys the most. In her free time, she is researching psychology but also learning foreign languages. At Neostar, she is our new iOS developer. The car of her dreams is a converted electric VW Beetle.

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Senior Android developer

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Tomica Trnčić
Senior developer

Tomica did not get a formal education in software development; however, he became a great developer by working hard and staying organized. It really tells a lot about him as a person. Great interest in constant learning and expanding his knowledge in software development led him to work on the front end of our Neostar platform. Tools that help him are Angular 2+ and TypeScript, focusing on planning and clean code. His dream car would be Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.

Irena Knežević
Junior developer

Irena comes from a small village Viljevo in Slavonia. Although she is a full stack developer, her specialties are android and frontend development. No challenge is too hard for her, even though she is currently the only girl in our IT team. She is considered to be equally important and sometimes even more knowledgeable than boys. Irena is amiable, outgoing, and loves hanging out with her friends. She mostly spends her free time cooking, dancing, rollerblading, and researching new technologies. The car of her dreams would be a Mercedes GLE coupe.

Davor Štrtak
Senior developer

Davor is involved with computers since 1985. His favourite question is, where were you during Commodoro 64? He is proud of his involvement with programming solutions for fleet management, car sales, service and warehouse management, internal audit, salaries, hotel for tires, and few others. He uses basic, c++, clipper, vb6, vb.net, and currently uses C# in Microsoft Visual Studio environment. In our team, he is doing back end development. His dream car is Volkswagen Bulli 1.

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Senior developer

Join our small but agile team of developers and continue developing the NEOSTAR platform. Send your application

Zoran Levačić

Zoran is in love with adrenalin and speed, and he is a true lover of automobiles since his childhood. He gained a huge driving experience with more than 800 cars tested either on-road or track. He is also a dedicated car photographer. Zoran spends his free time with family or traveling. Because he drove and tested many different vehicles, it is hard for him to choose his dream car. If he has to decide, he would prefer something Italian. According to him, the best ratio of design, power, and performance is built in Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV.

Mijo Novačić

Mijo started his career in the automotive industry in 1973. by working as an Audi salesman. After that, he took over leadership in the sector of authorized importers for Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina for Gotze, Kolben Schmidt, ZF, Michelin, and Castrol company. Later on, he held many positions while being involved with the Croatian car club and karting association as an organizer of the Octavia Castrol Cup, polo Castrol Cup, and sponsoring a lot of circular, mountain, and rally races in Croatia and neighboring countries. Looking at his rich career, it is safe to conclude that he lives automobiles. His diverse experience is irreplaceable in these still early phases of the Neostar project. His dream car is a Porsche Carrera 911.

Tomislav Šore

Tomislav is a family man whose long-standing desire for being part of a modern startup finally came true. He is adventurous, but he finds his peace and pleasure by traveling, cycling, snowboarding, and skiing. When he is not outdoors, he is in search of a good wine or restaurant. When he is at home, he harasses his family members by playing the guitar. Outside of work, he is busy with building a smart house and playing with different gadgets. His next and dream car is VW Arteon, R-line, with a hidden hook for bicycle carrier.

Marko Jakopec

Our Marko just became a proud dad to a little boy named Karlo. He is skilled in underwater fishing and the kitchen. Besides that, he loves enduro cycling. Most of his free time he spends in nature. He loves fine wines, good whiskey, travels, concerts, and festivals. Marko doesn`t have only one specific dream car. Still, he would like to own anything that comes out of the Singer Vehicle factory.

Nikola Hrastović

Nikola is a true lover of automobiles. He developed his love for cars in early childhood when his favourite toys were wheel and gearbox. Besides that, he is a passionate mountaineer and enjoys active outdoor activities. Even though he loves having a dynamic work setting, his favourite way of spending his free time is in the woods far away from the city. His dream car is Nissan Skyline GTR.

Ivan Lovrić

Ivan loves practical, spacious, and eye-pleasing cars. For him, comfort while driving is essential. He loves to spend his free time in nature. Traveling is also one of his great passions. His dream car would be Audi A6 3.0 TDI Avant Quattro S-Tronic.

Mladen Letica

Mladen is a great lover of cars and everything that has anything to do with them. If he is free, most of the time, you will find him in the garage. When he is not there, he hikes, searches for new music, or organizes music events. His dream car is Subaru Impreza (blob eye).

Tomislav Sertić

Tomislav is a family man, father of two lovely boys. In his free time, he loves to play football, table tennis, and riding a bicycle. His dream car would be a Porsche GT3 rs.

Ivica Salopek

Often with a serious face, but always cheerful inside. Ivica started his career in the automotive industry about 10 years ago, working in renowned Croatian car dealerships and some European online wholesale platforms for vehicles. He values responsibility, commitment, creativity, and precision - he says he wishes the same qualities. He enjoys running, cycling, walking the dog, or watching a good movie if the weather is bad in his spare time. His hidden love is Oldtimers, so his dream car would be a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing.

Ana Braovac

Ana sometimes looks very serious, but you will realize that she laughs a lot and talks, even more, when you talk to her. When she starts speaking in Spanish, that is a sign that she feels at home. Her dream is to travel all of Spain, and she is almost done with achieving that. Also, she would love to do that in her dream car VW Arteon.

Anamaria Krešo

Anamaria is a lover of fine art, design, and sustainability. She loves to travel, but her biggest passion is writing. She started writing when she was only 9. Anamaria sees herself as an artistic soul, talkative, with a positive outlook on life. Life is too short for everything that she wants to achieve, and there is too little time to check every corner of this planet that she would like to check. Her dream car is a MINI COOPER Countryman Plug-in Hybrid.

Josipa Zurak

Josipa is a person that always and in everything sees the positive side. Always ready for adventure and small talks. Nothing is considered hard in her world. After work, she enjoys late drives with music on. Her dream car is a MERCEDES GLA.