About us

Neostar is a story about how to solve the problem of trust and change the traditional relationship between used car dealers, mechanics, and customers, without either of the parties involved getting the short end of the stick — at least not under our watch.

Buying and selling cars has become much more common today due to shifts in life circumstances and various other reasons, so we no longer buy a car only once or twice in a lifetime. Market research in Croatia showed that 81% of people had a problem selling or purchasing a used car. 68% believe people don’t tell the truth when they are selling a used car. 24% are afraid that they will be deceived, and only 49% bought a used car with a warranty.

Here at Neostar, there is a genuine love and passion for cars, which brought us together in the first place. We connect people who want to sell, buy or maintain a car without complications and risks. We help sellers establish a fair price for their vehicles and offer an elegant solution for bidding. We will inspect every car, take 360° photos, and advertise it on our platform - for free. In addition, we will arrange all the paperwork for future buyers and provide a 6 to 12month warranty. But that is just the beginning. We want to help users during the whole lifecycle of their car, providing access to fully transparent car maintenance with competing workshops and every service cost known in advance.

What are we bringing to the used car market?

Neostar is an innovative digital platform that aspires to solve the problem of trust between sellers, mechanics, and buyers of used cars. Don’t be fooled by our colorful design - we are very serious about preventing fraud and starting a revolution in this murky industry by using the most efficient weapon today - technology.


Our team

Dimitrije Trbović

Experienced Executive Officer with a demonstrated history in the automotive industry who believes that quitting is never an option. He is passionate about the opportunities created through digital platforms and technology to simplify motor vehicles' exchange. He is literally preaching about the importance of switching to an online mode of work to everyone he meets. By being skilled in negotiation, marketing management, business planning, business development, and sales management, he recognizes that not all heroes wear capes. For that reason, Boss leads by example, showing his love and dedication to work and focusing on people within. He believes that progress comes when you are open to changes and invest in yourself. Once you quit learning, you experience a rapid fall. His dream car is Lamborghini Miura.

Denis Tepša

He was involved in the development and setting of the Neostar platform from the beginning. He was oriented on user experience and operational excellence with an agile method approach to work in the project. He is a school example of a COO that is focused, thorough, open to change, and loves enthusiasm. Before joining the platform, he spent the last 8 years in an executive position in a car dealership company. In his childhood, he spent most of his time playing with cars. For that reason, it is safe to say that he dedicated his life to cars. Some people say that they heard him recite some poems as well. He is a romantic soul, but for now, that is still only a legend. His dream car is a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.

Ivan Radoš

Ivan is programmed to develop software. Besides the fact that he is the leader of the IT team within Neostar, he is spreading his knowledge at Algebra University College. By constantly improving himself, he will soon hold a double Ph.D. He dedicated his life to code and personal development. Since his knowledge is inexhaustible, it is undeniable why he is such an important part of the Neostar family. The dream car for him would be Subaru Impreza.

Vladimir Baće

Vladimir is the marketing manager of the Neostar platform. By occupation, he is an electrical engineer and photographer. Still, also he is very creative and loves everything that has anything to do with cars. After years of working in creative production and advertising, he took on the challenge of being part of our startup. He is deeply involved in the creating and production of marketing materials. His dream car is Lotus Elise.