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By joining our community - you are the first to find out about offers, promotions and receive additional benefits.


Become a registered user - explore additional benefits!

To enjoy the whole experience of the NEOSTAR platform, become a registered user. Although you can use most of our platform's features as an unregistered user, becoming a registered user brings several advantages to help you successfully buy, maintain, or sell your vehicle. As a registered user, you can expect prize games and exclusive services to members of the community (coming soon).


Unregistered user

Observe all vehicles in 360┬░ view plus their service history

Find out the cost of the service for your vehicle in advance

A wide range of tires and the possibility of mounting near you

Registered user

Book and buy a vehicle with a warranty

Send bids for vehicles

Request a test drive

Be the first to know about new offers and promotions.

Free advertising and sale of vehicle with NeoInspector inspection and vehicle photography.

The vehicle you are advertising on Neostar will have a warranty and the possibility of financing for potential customers.

Schedule service at the nearest center with transparent prices.

Get notifications for due servicing of your vehicle on time.

Exclusive benefits, discounts and rewards (revealed soon).

Take advantage of the benefits, become a registered user:

Why should you use the platform at all?

The Neostar platform gives you a unique experience of searching, buying, selling and maintaining cars

Safe purchase

You arrange everything online. There are no hidden defects or damage because our colleagues inspected everything, and we provide you with a warranty for your new vehicle. In addition, there are multiple ways to purchase a car on Neostar : cash, lease, or loan - the choice is yours.

Search vehicles

Improved selling

You don't have to write detailed descriptions and specifications, you can do everything in a few clicks. Detailed photography and inspection of the vehicle at 60 points is performed by our inspectors. Customers get a warranty when you sell them your vehicle, and the whole process is free!

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Smarter maintenance

You can search for services depending on your location and arrange everything online. We send you notifications when it is time for regular service or tire change. The prices are fully transparent.

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