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NEOSTAR is a new way of buying and selling vehicles. Each vehicle has been carefully inspected and photographed by our experts and comes with a warranty. Simple and fair. Security and trust without being forced to buy

Not necessarily. When entering a vehicle, you can select the "Fixed Price" option. In this case, there is no negotiation of the price, but the buyer can only buy the vehicle at the price you have stated in your ad. If there is no interest in your vehicle, you always have the option of lowering the price later.

First, you need to register on our platformand then choose the Sell option and enter general vehicle data - vehicle brand, model, age, fuelengine power, and gearbox typeThe site will further specify what information you must entersuch as vehicle conditioncolormileagechassis numberfirst registration date, priceetcWhen you've finished entering all the data, upload a few photos of your vehicle, and post the ad. Once your ad has been acceptedsuggest the desired vehicle verification appointmentThe rest is our concernOur Neoinspectors will examine your vehicle in 60-points and photograph it professionally from all anglesOnly in Neostar will your vehicle be presented in a 360° viewYour ad has been publishedGood luck! :) 

Once you have agreed on the vehicle verification date, our expert will arrive at the agreed place and inspect your vehicle in detail in 60 points, which are divided into four categories (Stationary Vehicle, Moving Vehicle, Wheels, Under the Bonnet) to make it as transparent as possible. Based on that inspection, we'll give your vehicle a Neostar warranty.

Advertising your vehicle on our platform is completely free.

In addition to advertising being free of charge for youwe will examine your vehicle in detail in 60 pointsphotograph it from all angles, and based on it give it a warranty 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a warranty on vehicles of this age and this mileage due to the conditions set out by our insurance partner, and the policy of our platform is that every vehicle advertised on Neostar must have a warranty.

At Neostar, we believe in transparency. The virtue of the Neostar is to show all the flaws. We believe that it is in your interest for the vehicle to be displayed in a real condition so that no unnecessary inconvenience occurs when selling the vehicle.

The vehicle cannot be further highlighted since all sellers on the Neostar platform are equal to us. The vehicle will be at the top only in case of a special offer (the system itself generates the obtained information about the status and information of the vehicle as well as its condition and price) and therefore the vehicle is described as a good opportunity to buy.

10 basic colours are listed when publishing the vehicle on the platform, but additional colours can be typed when entering detailed vehicle information.

All data is available to customers in case of real interest in purchasing your vehicle and following the functionality of the platform itself is an accelerated and facilitated way of communication.

Selling vehicles online through Neostar is simple and transparent. First, enter all the vehicle information you want to sell. Our system will help you with the price suggestion you can ask for, but the final price is entirely your choice. After entering the vehicle, at the time that suits you best, our Neostar Inspector will visit you, inspect and photograph the vehicle. Now you can relax because we take care of further advertising of your vehicle. A further agreement on the price and test drive is available through our online interface. You won't be bothered by unnecessary phone calls because all the relevant information and photos are clearly displayed.

In order to make the vehicle inspection as easy as possible, it is important to keep the following in mind. For starters, prepare a vehicle booklet and all the documentation you have about the vehicle you are selling. Do you have an invoice with factory warranty information? Excellent! Service history? It is extremely important to a prospective customer and shows how you maintained your vehicle, so if you have past service bills or a certified service booklet, be sure to have it ready. Finally, your vehicle will present photos taken by our Neostar inspector, so wash your vehicle before the inspection.