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NEOSTAR is a new way of buying and selling vehicles. Each vehicle has been carefully inspected and photographed by our experts and comes with a warranty. Simple and fair. Security and trust without being forced to buy

Once you've selected the Service option on the platform and entered the required information about your vehiclethe site leads you to select service packages. In just a few clicksselect the desired service packages and the only thing you have left is to choose the workshop. Enter your address and the system will offer you all services within a selected lap of kilometersAfter you have made a decision on where to service the vehicleenter the login informationselect the desired time, and finish your order by clicking Pay in serviceYour service is a settled matter, at no hidden cost! 

As part of the regular maintenance of your offers a wide range of service packages. To make it easier for you to chooseyou can find a detailed description of each package by included items on our page. All you need is an oil replacement or would you like an additional filter replacement? You didn't have time to switch tiresNo problem! Our packages cover all the work you need on your vehicle. Take a look at our offer and decide what you want to change on your vehicle. 

Once you have selected the service packagesthe system will lead you to select the desired service workshop. By entering your addresswe offer you a view of all service partners on the Google Mapwith clearly stated service prices for each service partner.  It's up to you to choose the price you want. 

Need an immediate service date? You're in the right place! Instant service implies that service partners with the specified option accept any term chosen by the userThe only condition is that the selected term is within the working hours of the selected service.

Neostar platform is just an intermediary between you and the service partner. By choosing the service you wantyou will receive information about whether the service partner offers a guarantee on its services. 

Choosing a service pack has never been easierBy clicking on the Service option and selecting your vehicle model, the site leads you to the service pack categoriesNeed regular maintenance? Brake replacementClicking the category you want opens the list of service packsand selecting the package displays a list of the items that the package containsOpt for one or more of themclick On Select and that's it - your packages are selected! 

A factory warranty is a guarantee for correctness on the mechanical, electric, or electronic parts of a motor vehicle in the period and range of kilometers prescribed by the manufacturer of a specific motor vehicle. The fault report for the duration of the factory warranty is carried out according to the authorized service network prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. An authorized service network of vehicle manufacturers can be found on the official website of the vehicle manufacturer for the market of the Republic of Croatia.

If you have an active service measure on your vehicledon't panicIt is a factory solution prescribed by the manufacturer for a frequent problem on a certain series of cars. You only need to take the vehicle to an authorized service workshop and leave it to the experts to resolve the problem. And yesit's completely free! 

Having your car serviced through NEOSTAR is simple and transparent. Just enter the type of your vehicle and our system will offer you a range of service packages. Please select a service package, or more of them, enter your location, and NEOSTAR will find a service nearby. But that's not all. We will immediately calculate the exact price of the service, just for your vehicle. All you have to do is choose the service that suits you best and make an appointment immediately.