General business terms

The USER and/or BUSINESS PARTNER accepts that NEOSTAR is not responsible for any downtime of the PLATFORM, any losses or damages, costs or expenditures, and any other damage that the USER and/or BUSINESS PARTNER experienced as the consequence of the error on the PLATFORM, unless defined otherwise in the General Terms and Conditions. The USER and/or BUSINESS PARTNER particularly accepts that NEOSTAR is not responsible for any interruptions in the provision PLATFORM’s services, any losses or damages, costs or expenditures, and any other damage that the USER/BUSINESS PARTNER experienced as the consequence of the error on the PLATFORM and/or third person software and/or business partners who work as part of the solution and/or services provided by the PLATFORM. Furthermore, NEOSTAR shall not be held liable for the content of software produced by third parties i.e. their compliance with laws and by-laws, other regulations and professional standards.

As the sole rightholder of the PLATFORM, NEOSTAR shall not possess, create, sell, resell, provide, control, manage, offer, deliver any goods and/or services. The USER and/or BUSINESS PARTNERS are themselves responsible for their goods and/or services and/or mutual transactions that can, as such, arise and or be connected to the services of the PLATFORM and/or NEOINSPECTOR.

NEOSTAR, and those hired by it: employees, workers, NEOINSPECTORS, representatives, branch offices, partner companies, distributors, distribution partners, licensed representatives, agents and or other persons participating in the creation, services, sponsorships, promoting and/or who in other way make the PLATFORM and/or its content available, shall in no way be held liable for (i) criminal, special, indirect or consequential damages or losses, production losses, profit losses, income losses, damage or loss of image or reputation, loss of indemnification rights, (ii) inaccuracies (in description) of information referring to the goods and or services offered for sale and/or provision (including prices and/or warranty realization and/or deadlines and/or similar) on the PLATFORM, (iii) services published and products offered by BUSINESS PARTNERS and/or USERS, (iv) any (direct, indirect, consequential or criminal) damages, losses or costs you have suffered and paid in accordance with and due to and in relation to the use, inability to use and/or delays pertaining to the PLATFORM, or (v) any (personal) injury, death, property damage or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or criminal) damages, losses and costs you have suffered or paid, whether due to the (legal) acts, mistakes, breeches, (gross) negligence, qualified guilt, hiding information, omissions, false representation, criminal offenses or misdemeanors or which can be (entirely or partially) attributed to NEOSTAR and/or the PLATFORM. If, in a concrete case, one of the above mentioned limitations does not apply due to its collision with peremptory norms of the applicable law, and if NEOSTAR’s liability shall be established in such case, this liability shall be limited to the amount of HRK 1,000.00 (in writing: one thousand Kuna).

NEOSTAR is not liable (and shall not have any liability) for the use, validity, quality, appropriacy, form and/or postings on the PLATFORM and shall not give any statements, guarantees and/or conditions regarding the aforementioned. The USER acknowledges and accepts that relevant service provider and/or seller and/or buyer of the goods advertised on the PLATFORM is only the USER and/or BUSINESS PARTNER, and that they are solely liable, and they accept all liability with regard to the sale-purchase of goods and/or provision of services and/or description of goods and/or services and/or warranty of the goods and/or services, unless stipulated otherwise in these General Terms and Conditions.

USERS and/or BUSINESS PARTNERS (who sell and/or buy goods and/or provide services through the PLATFORM) shall deal with lawsuits and/or complaints with regard to the sale-purchase and/or provision of services directly amongst themselves. NEOSTAR shall not be held liable and shall have no liability with regard to such complaints and/or demands and/or liabilities. NEOSTAR and/or PLATFORM shall not act as a retailer and/or provider of advertised products and/or services and/or appraiser of the value of these services and/or goods.

When the USERS and/or BUSINESS USERS book and/or accept the reservation and/or order goods and/or services i.e. mutually conclude a contract - NEOSTAR shall not be nor shall it become a contracting party of such a relationship between the USER and/or BUSINESS PARTNERS, and it shall not be nor shall it become a participant in the contractual relationship between the USER and/or BUSINESS PARTNER. NEOSTAR does not act as an intermediary and/or proxy in any capacity for any USER and/or BUSINESS PARTNER, unless explicitly stated in these General Terms and Conditions

The PLATFORM, apart from being an online advertising place, can offer USERS the service of hiring NEOINSPECTOR who will take care of the tasks related to photographing the motor vehicle and/or transporting the motor vehicle and/or helping during the conclusion and/or signing the Motor vehicle sale-purchase contract and/or registering the right of ownership and/or motor vehicle inspection and establishing the its condition and similar. The liability of NEOINSPECTOR is excluded in cases where there is no liability of NEOSTAR and/or the PLATFORM.

The USER can use the services of the PLATFORM to ask for and/or plan sale-purchase of goods and/or contracting the vehicle servicing and/or get information about insurance and/or advertising services, whereat the USER takes note of the fact that NEOSTAR and/or the PLATFORM shall not have any liability nor obligations towards the USER with regard to any of the services and/or sale-purchase which was provided to the USER by any third side, apart from those explicitly listed in these General Terms and Conditions.

At any case of USER’s actions contrary to these conditions and/or applicable regulations, NEOSTAR shall reserve indemnification right for the damage arising from such a behavior of the USER.

Cookies and other tracking technologies can be used on the PLATFORM in different ways e.g. To enable functioning of the PLATFORM and/or for marketing purposes.

Cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the VISITOR's computer (textual file stored on the VISITOR’s computer by the server which the VISITOR uses). Files originate when the browser on the VISITOR’s device uploads visited network destination, which then sends data to the browser and creates the textual file (cookie). The browser retrieves and sends the file to the servers of the network destination (place, website) when the user returns to it. Cookies are used to enable functioning of all internet site features and better USER experience. Cookie allows PLATFORM to “remember” VISITORS’ actions during their previous visits. Most browsers allow the use of cookies, but VISITOR can delete them or opt to have the storing disabled in the browser, at any time. The most frequent reasons to use cookies are: identification of VISITORS, remembering specific user preferences, help when entering information that had been entered during previous visits, collecting data for analyses and promotional campaigns. According to their functional division, cookies can be: necessary, functional and marketing.

Types of cookies

First party cookies

Cookies installed on the VISITOR’s device by an organization whose web site VISITOR is visiting are known as “first party” cookies.

Third party cookies

Cookies installed on the VISITOR’s device by an organization other than the one VISITOR is visiting are known as “third party” cookies. An example of “third party” cookies is cookie installed by a company specialized in web site analytics (such as Google Analytics) that provides the owner of the website with data about the number of people visiting it.

These cookies are not installed by the NEOSTAR platform and most often serve as help in interpreting the behavior of users and for marketing purposes. They are used to get statistical data about the number of visitors and the way PLATFORM’s internet sites are used. Data that are collected include: VISITOR’s IP address, browser data, language, operating system and other standard data that are collected and analyzed only in anonymous and mass form, unless these are VISITOR’s data. PLATFORM’s internet sites do not contain cookies that enable execution of a program or installing a virus on the VISITOR’s computer.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies remain stored on the VISITOR’s device after the browser had been closed. These cookies help web sites to store data to enable VISITOR their easier use. For example, web sites that require user name and password to be entered will remember VISITOR’s entry and they will appear on every subsequent visit.

Session cookies

Session cookies are removed from VISITOR’s device after having closed the web browser which VISITOR used to visit the web site. These cookies enable web sites to store temporary data that serve for its proper functioning.

Cookies management instructions for most used web browsers

If the VISITOR does not consent to their use, they can easily delete cookies (or prevent them) on their computer or mobile device in the settings section of the web browser in use. In the settings section of browsers such as Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome, VISITOR can opt for the cookies they wish to accept and those they wish to decline.

A place where VISITOR can find settings depend on the type of their browser. Option “Help” in their web browser enables VISITOR to find the settings they need or they can find the information on

* * *

Since the purpose of cookies is to improve and enable internet sites of the PLATFORM and their processes, VISITOR should bear in mind that preventing or deleting cookies may disable functioning of these features or cause them to function and appear differently in their browser. If VISITOR selects the option not to accept certain types of cookies, they might not be able to use some functions of the PLATFORM.