Let's find a buyer for your car together.

Sell your car in a few simple steps.

Sell your car in a 3 simple steps:

On Neostar you can easily sell your vehicle in just 3 simple steps. We do everything together here.

Become a registered user, grab a certificate of registration and enter your vehicle's data.

Book an appointment for free vehicle inspection, photographing, and advice in determining the price for your car.

Receive requests for test drives, inquiries about the vehicle, and offers from potential buyers.

Join our platform and become one of many successful sellers.

Create your user profile with basic information and get started with entering your vehicle information - no worries, we will guide you through the process every step of the way. In case you experience any difficulties, feel free to contact our customer support at 0800 8800.

Free inspection, photographing and advertising for your vehicle.

Once you've created the ad on our platform, we will inspect your car in 60 points and join you for a short test drive. After a detailed inspection, we photograph the vehicle from all angles in high resolution. We will also recommend the optimal price for your car, but determining the final price is entirely up to you.

If everything is OK with your car, the ad will be published on our platform. The whole process and vehicle advertising is completely free!

Benefits for your buyers.

Customers can transparently see your car from all angles, with clearly marked damage with a yellow warning sign and additional equipment marked with blue circles. Customers can securely pay or choose one of the financing options. On top all of that we give a warranty on your vehicle!

Once you accept the customer's offer, you arrange a delivery time. Payment is safely waiting for you and is authorized when the vehicle is delivered. We handle the paperwork.

Selling a car on Neostar is a smart move. You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose.